In the nineteenth century, the parents of Ponciano de Abreu started producing Albariño wine in its properties located on the slopes of Paderne in Melgaço, in the area north-west of Portugal.

In addition to personal use, the wine served to pay favors to doctors and lawyers and even the pharmacy bills. The exceptional conditions of soil, climate and sun exposure, had repercussions on the quality of the wine, which began to gain fame in the region.

In the first quarter of the twentieth century, Ponciano de Abreu decided to relaunch the cultivation of their vineyards, and was one of the pioneers in the production of Albariño, as framed by the legislation then the newly created demarcated region of Vinho Verde.

At the beginning of the century, Rui Esteves, Ponciano's grandson, took over the project in a professional manner and decided to go to market your Vinho Verde Albariño marked "DOM PONCIANO" according to strict standards applicable for Alvarinhos produced in the Sub-region of Monção and Melgaço.

The wine, obtained by the most modern winemaking technologies, presents fresh, balsamic and very expressive in the mouth, which appears powerful, with firm acidity and lingering finish, with some sweetness.

Its excellent quality has been recognized by the press and has been garner him prestigious national and international awards.

What better reward could have wished Ponciano de Abreu when he had this dream of producing gold berries for a real nectar, the "terroir" one of Paderne?